A look behind the scenes News | 14.05.2024

Interview with Tina Schackmann, Project Manager Development at S+P Samson

Tina, what makes your job so attractive?
The mix of structure and unpredictability. My work often starts when something doesn't work. Trials with new materials are varied, with a touch of the unknown. It's often about finding the best of several alternatives.

How do you create new products?
Proximity to suppliers is important. They are usually the source of innovation. My job starts with the first material sample - and then I accompany it through to the final product. There are often setbacks along the way. Assessing these correctly often brings us closer to the goal. Proximity to other departments is also important. Our colleagues in purchasing assess the commercial aspect of a product. Then it goes to the production department, which checks the processability.  

How well can you use your training for this?
My original training was as a chemical laboratory assistant. My professional career then led me into polymer chemistry. The ideal basis for working with S+P Samson products.

You have three children - how easy is it to combine work and family?
As my husband works away from home, I describe myself as a part-time single parent. At S+P Samson I have the flexibility to organise things in a way that works for me. I try to be as present as possible, but I can also work from home if necessary. Of course, the short distances and good coordination with colleagues are ideal.