GRAPHIPLAST® – the robust ones.
Robust. Heat resistant. Oil repellent.

The robust plastic labels are an S+P Samson classic. These weather-resistant data carriers for the labelling of materials up to 580 °C were developed for particularly rough environments and are easy to print with conventional IT printing systems. Fully customised to your requirements and available as tags, adhesive labels or combination labels.


Extremely tear-resistant and economical

You are looking for reliable, adhesive-free labelling? S+P Samson tags are the perfect solution. They impress with their wide range of applications and are extremely robust.

Can be used anywhere

Our tags cut a fine figure in all applications. Wherever they are used. They are heat-resistant to 580 °C, particularly in the metal industry, are resistant to the solvents in cleaning baths and weather-resistant for transporting on open railway carriages and lorries.

Highly tear-resistant

In addition, they show extreme tear-resistance in the problem area - the hole. Whether they are attached with wire, wire clips, cable ties or by threading onto a strap, all our types of tags are robust and easy to read. S+P Samson’s unique punching technology ensures that these requirements are met. It provides clean die lines to ensure optimum stability of the hole. And it makes handling really easy.

Tags from S+P Samson: extremely tear-resistant, very economical and they can be used anywhere.

Your benefits

  • tensile strength up to 250 N
  • weather-resistant and UV resistant
  • withstand heat up to 580° C
  • resistant to acids, cleaning agents and oil
  • antistatic for thermal transfer and laser printing
  • also suitable for writing on by hand


  • bundle identification
  • container identification
  • parts identification
  • identification of plants

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Perfect for any surface

In industrial identification, requirements for labels are complex. The applications are frequently characterised by rough conditions. They must withstand extreme temperatures, heavily soiled and oily surfaces, caustic chemicals and intensive UV radiation. Or to put it another way - they must provide reliable adhesion, but it must also be possible to remove them without residue. We are the specialists for just these kinds of challenges and with our series of special adhesive labels we have developed a solution for each one of your identification problems. In short: Our expertise starts where “normal” labels fail.

Not all adhesives are the same

It is the mixture that counts. It ensures that the label sticks reliably even in very difficult applications, and to repellent and rough surfaces. We have been developing thick layer adhesives which anchor on virtually any kind of surface, thanks to a combination of various plastic films or aluminium. This ensures that our GRAPHIPLAST® adhesive labels also provide reliable adhesion on wood, concrete and metal.

Individual solutions with partial adhesive

For flag tags, RFID labels and for the automated processing of labels S+P Samson uses partial gluing. Your benefits: Adhesive fields and adhesive strips ensure that the edges remain free from adhesive so that the labels run smoothly through the printer or dispenser. And they can even be applied with gloves. Easy handling speeds up processes and eliminates re-printing of data carriers. And that is not all. Our special surface coatings which are geared to common printing systems ensure optimum barcode readability. Easy to print with colour laser or thermal transfer printers.

Your benefits

  • adhesion to dirty, damp, oily and rough surfaces
  • permanent bond at extreme temperatures from -40 °C to 350 °C
  • a combination of permanent bond and removal without residue


  • GHS standards
  • Steel products
  • Container identification
  • Precast concrete parts
  • Pallet identification
  • Identification of sacks and Big Bags


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The multi-functional professionals

Identification in finishing and shipping logistics is a science in itself. The first question is often whether to go for an adhesive label or a tag. Conventional labels usually only meet one of the two requirements. Frequently, accessories such as plastic wallets, adhesive tapes, adhesive tubes and guns are used for shipping labels for machine parts, for the organisation of steel warehouses and for attaching workflow documents. An expensive and time-consuming method which is not really necessary. Good to know that S+P Samson’s multi-talented products are available. The combination labels which can be used as a tag or an adhesive label.

The “Leatherman” in industrial identification

The combination labels combine all the benefits of our special tags and adhesive labels. They develop a strong adhesion to dirty, slightly oily and scaly surfaces which is achieved by combining different adhesives. On sensitive surfaces, they can also be semi-permanent or removable. In addition, they are particularly user-friendly and can even be applied while wearing gloves. When used as a tag, they impress with their tear resistance and weather resistance.

Flexibel in their use

Our flexible all-rounders impress with their wide range of applications and make handling in your production process or your shipping logistics easier. With their integrated adhesive fields or strips, the labels can, of course, be printed with conventional thermal transfer or laser printers.

Your benefits

  • tear-resistant labels with a strong bond 
  • adhesive fields and adhesive strips for easy handling
  • one label for all applications
  • barcodes for optimum material flow organisation
  • wallets, round stickers and adhesive tape are eliminated


  • identification to VDA standards
  • parts identification
  • container identification
  • steel products


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GRAPHIPLAST® tags and labels in action

Adhesive label: sticks to rough surfaces
Adhesive label: for scaly surfaces
Tags: Reliable identification of wire rod using tags and clips
Tags: Tear-resistant, attached to a pallet cage using a clip
Adhesive label: strong adhesion to difficult surfaces
Adhesive label: secure adhesion to concrete
Tags: robust coil identification
Adhesive label: identification to GHS standards
Tags: identification of sections in the steel industry
Adhesive label: colour labels help to organise the warehouse
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