The people behind S+P Samson.
Our team, your contacts.

A customer-oriented team of around 100 employees awaits you at our location in Kissing, near Augsburg. In our company, appreciating and treating the other person fairly are the pillars of our cooperation, with our customers and among our colleagues.


Photo of Karl Tochtermann, Managing Director
Karl Tochtermann
Managing Director / CEO
Photo of Roland Arndt, Authorized Signatory and Production Manager
Roland Arndt
Authorized signatory /
Production Manager
Photo of Florian Bäumler, Sales Director
Florian Bäumler
Sales Director
Photo of Tanja Hönig, Purchasing Manager
Tanja Hoenig
Purchasing Manager
Photo of Alex Rupprecht, Head of Logistics and PPC
Alex Rupprecht
Head of Logistics & PPC
Photo of Christian Aumann, Head of In-House Service Center
Christian Aumann
Head of In-house Service Center
Photo of Sigrid Stredak, Head of Human Resources
Sigrid Stredak
Head of Human Resources
Photo of Stefan Heinzler, Head of Key Account Management
Stefan Heinzler
Head of Key Account Management
Photo of Simon Rode, Team Leader Technical Development
Simon Rode
Team leader technical Development

Sales Department

Photo of Florian Bäumler, Head of Sales
Florian Bäumler
Photo of Cornelia Brandl
Cornelia Brandl
Photo of Isabelle Callerot
Isabelle Callerot
Photo of Daniel Eschbaumer
Daniel Eschbaumer
Photo of Stefan Heinzler
Stefan Heinzler
Photo of Adrian König
Adrian König
Photo of Heidi Lindemann
Heidi Lindemann
Photo of Harald Oberrieder
Harald Oberrieder
Photo of André Ritter
André Ritter
Photo of Maria Schnell
Maria Schnell
Photo of Thomas Sporbeck
Thomas Sporbeck
Photo of Dagmar Steinhart
Dagmar Steinhart
Photo of Oliver Streich
Oliver Streich

National or international - we will be glad to help you.

Tel: +49 8233 846-0

Market management

Photo of Matthias Leuschner, Head of Market Management

Your contact for permanent identification and new applications.

Matthias Leuschner 
Head of Market Management

Tel: +49 8233 846-163

Systems department

Photo of Florian Beckenbauer

Your contact for printers and accessories.

Florian Beckenbauer 
Sales and technical support

Tel: +49 8233 846-151

Product Management

Photo of Christian Lehle, Product Manager GRAPHIPLAST

Your contact for GRAPHIPLAST® tags and labels.

Christian Lehle 
Product Manager GRAPHIPLAST ®

Tel: +49 8233 846-121

Photo of Robert Brunnbauer, Product Manager RFID

Your contact for RFID.

Robert Brunnbauer 
Product Manager RFID

Tel: +49 8233 846-172


Photo of Nadja Hörmann, Marketing Manager

Your contact for marketing and communication.

Nadja Hörmann
Marketing Manager

Tel: +49 8233 846-187