FORTOBOND® – the permanent ones.
Sticks. Holds. Stays.

The innovative labels are specially developed and manufactured for permanent identification. Individual identification concepts that are tailored to our customers requirements ensure reliable identification for many years, even in difficult environmental conditions. FORTOBOND® labels are an attractive alternative to mechanical or laser engraving. They can be used for a wide range of applications across many sectors.


Extremely durable for permanent use.

“Sticks. Holds. Stays.” We are guided by our motto. FORTOBOND® labels are developed and produced for permanent use in extreme conditions. The design of the composite ensures adhesion to virtually any type of surface. Careful cleaning of the surface (free from dust and grease) ensures a permanent, firm bond. The face stock is configured so that the labels can adapt to any contour. 

Extremely resistant to aggressive substances.

The extremely strong bond protects the components against the ingress of liquids which contain aggressive cleaning agents. It is important to fix the edges properly to ensure a high initial resistance.  

Selected films with their corresponding primers, combined with special ribbons for thermal transfer printing provide maximum resistance against chemical substances such as cleaning baths or cleaning by wiping.

In the course of their suitability tests FORTOBOND® labels are subjected to extreme climatic conditions. Standard tests also include the alternating climate test as an extreme form of stress. There are virtually no restrictions for outdoor use – even without a protective laminate layer.

Extremely reliable for maximum data security.

State-of-the art ribbon technology provides security for your data. The printed information is fixed to the surfaces which were specially created for this purpose to ensure that they will pass all common wiping and abrasion tests.

The right combination of low reflection and repellent surfaces ensures optimum readability of the coded information. The pre-treatment of the surface for printing (primer) provides a data carrier of the highest technical standard.

Extremely easy to handle.

Trained application consultants will support you in the configuration of the FORTOBOND® label to ensure that the labels are easy to handle by the user. Features such as handling straps ensure that the label itself can be attached without touching it (grease). The label design is adapted to the use and the application.

Your benefits

  • weather resistant and UV resistant
  • resistant to solvents and chemicals
  • abrasion resistance
  • demanding processes
  • permanent bond (high requirements with regard to adhesion)
  • durable
  • resistant to mechanical impact


  • Machine and device identification
  • Material management
  • Hose identification

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Developing modular, customer-specific solutions

Form follows function. This is one of the strengths of FORTOBOND® component labels. The modular design with a comprehensive range of films and adhesives enables the development of specific applications and customised solutions for customers. Of the highest quality, using extensive know-how..

Optimised high-performance polymers.

Films in many different shapes and sizes are the raw material for these all-rounders which can be used for many different applications. The properties of these films range from heat resistance and chemical resistance to medical approvals. They form the basis for an adhesive bond based on a modular design. The surface structure has been designed for printing with thermal transfer printers for demanding applications.

Optimised adhesives

Using adhesive as a transfer film ensures that the combination of temperature-sensitive films and hot-melt adhesives provides a reliable performance. The classic adhesive bond covers the widest range of self-adhesive labels as they are known in many applications today.

The use of adhesive tape as an adhesive in the entry point into the extremely varied world of adhesive tapes which are available in a wide range of adhesive bonds. It is also an economical method of creating special solutions in small quantities. Adhesive tapes can be converted to die-cut parts of any shape or size and therefore enable individual configurations and designs when combined with a face stock.

Applying adhesive to part of the label only creates adhesive strips or adhesive fields which can be used as application aids. Thick-layer adhesives are used for applications which require strong adhesion to highly structured surfaces. Due to the large quantities of adhesive used FORTOBOND® labels ensure reliable adhesion without leaving any unwanted residue in the printer or during subsequent automated processes.

Optimised functionality and design options

Modular FORTOBOND® labels (components) enable high flexibility with regard to design. Functional holes or punched holes in virtually any form are possible and separation aids, slots for sections are easy to implement. This means that you can be as creative as you like when you design your data carrier. There is virtually no limit.

Optimised design as a permanent component for ink and colour

Design and print are essential components of a solution that needs to comply with the Corporate Design. The label used for identification provides space for advertising. Modern printing methods in combination with FORTOBOND® labels provide high resistance even with high-quality printing.

Your benefits

  • weather resistant and UV resistant
  • resistant to solvents and chemicals
  • abrasion resistant
  • adapted to your process
  • permanent bond (strong adhesion)
  • in combination with RFID
  • multi-functional
  • resistant to mechanical impact


  • window fitting (behind glass identification)
  • vehicle construction
  • coil identification

If innovative technology for permanent identification is of interest to you, please contact us. 

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A small revolution in permanent identification

The innovative labels are based on a patented technology for the permanent identification of tools, containers and bins. It includes an epoxy resin adhesive that has been applied in web form, enclosing the data carrier and fixing it securely.

Permanent - pattented three-ply composite

The special feature of STRUCTOBOND® labels is that they consist of three layers. The solution has been patented. The epoxy resin based adhesive layer forms the basis. The PPSU film which is laminated to the substrate during the production process has been designed for printing with thermal transfer technology. The final layer is made up of adhesive and provides a permanent seal of the surface. It protects against all types of impact such as washing processes, autoclaving and mechanical stresses.

STRUCTOBOND® labels are heat-cured. The melting of the top layer seals the edges, providing a homogenous structure and stable edges.

Permanent - from bonding to joining

The pre-treatment of the substrate and the heat curing process create a permanent bond with the substrate. This type of bond is called joining as it cannot be separated. The bond of the composite material is so strong that it is virtually indestructible.

As the application is more time-consuming, this rules out the automated application of the die-cut parts. Conversely, the pre-treatment results in a bond with the substrate that is ten times stronger than conventional pressure sensitive adhesives. Sealing the surface and forming the edges also significantly increase its robustness – a label as a thermoset die-cut part with an inseparable bond.

Permanent - ultimate durability

Once a STRUCTOBOND® label is cured the three-ply composite (patent) forms a permanent unit. The blending of the edges when heat is applied ensures that the edges and any damage to or separation at the edges can be eliminated as weak points.

The result is virtual indestructibility. The only limitations are applying force using pointy or sharp objects and, ageing. Chemical cleaning processes, autoclaving, ultrasound, high-pressure cleaning – STRUCTOBOND® labels are the ultimate identification for objects which are permanently exposed to these adverse conditions.

Your benefits

  • tested labels (safe for human use)
  • suitable for most types of surfaces
  • attractive alternative to mechanical or laser engraving
  • choice of colours
  • fuses with the material that is to be identified
  • resistant to mechanical abrasion, cleaning processes, solvents


  • identification of tools and instruments
  • container identification
  • knife identification

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FORTOBOND® using permanent identification

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