SecuBond® Etiketten
The labelling innovation.

SecuBond® is revolutionising the world of labels: with a 1 mm adhesive-free edge, it offers numerous advantages. No adhesive leakage, easier removal, safe processing in automatic machines and a freely configurable adhesive surface are just some of the benefits. 


Revolutionising the world of labels

SecuBond®  is a revolutionary innovation from S+P Samson.
This special label has a 1 mm wide, adhesive-free zone along the edges, which offers numerous advantages. 

Background information on pressure sensitive adhesives

Pressure-sensitive adhesives have the property of flow. This is a desirable effect, but it often leads to an unwanted side effect called adhesive bleeding. Depending on the amount of adhesive, this can lead to sticking of label rolls, soiling of the printer and even malfunctions in the automatic processing of labels.

SecuBond® technology:
SecuBond® is based on intermittent adhesive application. This means that the adhesive fields can be configured almost freely. Numerous tests have confirmed that the adhesive properties are not affected by the adhesive-free edges. When the label is applied by pressure (pressure sensitive), there is no infiltration, e.g. by water. Shear tests have shown that there is no difference to conventional labels. 

The advantages:

  • No adhesive leakage:
    The adhesive-free zone prevents adhesive leakage and ensures a clean application.
  • Easier removal:
    Labels can be removed effortlessly without leaving any residue.
  • Safe processing:
    Ideal for use on automatic machines as no adhesive will contaminate or block the machine.
  • Flexibility:
    The configuration of the adhesive field is freely selectable, e.g. as a practical grip tab.

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SecuBond label with adhesive-free zones
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