Stormy times for labels News | 24.11.2023

It's that time of year again - the climate test. Cold nights, sunny days, storms and wet conditions. Outdoor labelling becomes a challenge.

The classic example is the goods receiving department. Goods arrive and first have to be labelled. What needs to be considered?

Cold - the magic limit for applying labels is a few degrees above zero. It is important that the surface is clean, as cold weather reduces the flowability of the adhesive. S+P labels cope well with oil residue, moisture and dirt. But at temperatures below zero it makes little sense to use them outdoors as the label will come off too easily. Adhesive strength is decreased.. Moisture is usually also a factor, so surfaces need to wiped dry..

The cold also changes the material properties of hang tags. They become more brittle. The better the attachment of the tag, the lower the risk of it being torn off. This can be influenced by the type of die-cutting and attachment methods.

A wide range of materials and film thicknesses will help you find the optimum solution.

We are here to help you weather the storm!