Heating and air conditioning 2.0 News | 31.01.2024

S+P Samson is a leading company in the field of industrial identification technologies, specialising in the development of holistic identification concepts for production and logistics processes. The company relied on the expertise of the Alois Müller Group for an efficient and sustainable energy solution.

For the renovation of the heating, cooling and ventilation systems (natural gas) at the Kissing site dating from the 1980s, the choice fell on the expansion of the existing groundwater use for energy generation. The aim of the investment was to increase efficiency and integrate environmentally friendly technologies. The new steel container heating centre, houses two 150 kW heat pumps with a 9,000 litre buffer tank for reliable heat supply. In the summer, groundwater is also used to condition the supply air via a cooling coil. A system of textile hose outlets brings draught-free air into the production area, ensuring consistent conditions all year round.

At the heart of modern air conditioning is the instrumentation and control technology.  Alois Müller's central control unit reacts immediately to changing environmental conditions, which is an important basis for the efficiency of the system. In addition, adjustments or faults can be analysed or rectified at short notice via remote maintenance. As the electricity required for operation is supplied by the company's own PV system, it is a truly "clean" system.

The outdoor heating buffer tank at S+P Samson
The boiler in the interior at S+P Samson
The heating system in the interior at S+P Samson