S+P GRAPHIPLAST® labels with hightemperature adhesives News | 06.02.2023

In general, cohesion and adhesion are opposing target values. If high temperatures are added during bonding, this applies even more. In this area, S+P Samson utilizes the permanent adhesive PA-130-201, which adheres very well from room temperature up to 360 °C.

The adhesive is also suitable for use on rough surfaces due to a very thick adhesive layer with 130 g/m². Still, the adhesive is edge-stable and does not tend to bleed. Even at room temperature, the adhesive strength is over 30 Newtons.

For many years, S+P has combined this adhesive with an aluminum facestock, and recently also with polyimide. With a thickness of 140 µ and a surface coating, the polyimide film is designed so that the material remains dimensionally stable when exposed to heat. The robustness of the combination produces an extreme temperature resistance of 360 °C and makes the combination resistant to mechanical influences.

Last but not least, it is decisive that the adhesive bonds very strongly to almost all substrates and difficult surfaces.