Inflation - the challenge of the day News | 09.03.2023

Inflation is the topic of the day as everyone is suffering from rising costs. The cause of the development were the massive increases in energy prices. A trend that has been gradually reverting since the last quarter in 2022. What is the future from S+P Samson's point of view?

Energy prices have already fallen significantly. This is already having an effect on some suppliers and products. Energy surcharges will be lowered in Q2 in some cases; in others they will be eliminated completely. Unfortunately, not all suppliers are following suit. The first raw material prices are also beginning to fall. But this is only in the lower single digit % range.

The second way to reduce costs is our programme to replace products that have become significantly more expensive with substitutes. Two examples are the replacement of PET for laser printers with PP and of PVC for thermal transfer with PE products. At the same time, lower-priced alternatives are also being sought in the self-adhesive segment, e.g. in order to achieve lower-cost products for GHS labelling while maintaining the same technical properties.  

Important - we need your support! In most cases, tests and approvals are needed to be able to implement the corresponding changes quickly. The sooner this happens, the sooner we as S+P will be able to pass on price advantages to you. Let's stop the price spiral together and return material prices to a normal level.