360° assessment - S+P Samson 2023 | 27.07.2023

Interview with Sigrid Stredak, Head of Human Resources at S+P Samson


Ms. Stredak, what is important to you about the employee satisfaction project?
The survey gives a clear picture of the management's areas of action - where we stand and how we are developing. In the 35 years of my professional life, surveys of this kind have always been part of human resources work, which I value highly as a tool for assessment and analysis.  

Why do we need the employee survey as a tool?  
Well, it's a matter of systematics. By repeating the themes and questions, a trend becomes apparent. And it shows whether measures are effective. In my opinion, what is desirable is an open approach to opinions and the development of a discussion about the state of affairs, an honest exchange and a cross-section of opinions.  

What are the results of this year's survey?  
The ratings have improved across the board. This means that the measures taken in the last survey are having an effect. For example, this time the topic of objectives agreements has the best results. The scores for leadership issues have also improved significantly. That encourages me. Encouragement in the sense that a corporate culture can be changed.  
For example, the second shift on the production line saw one of the biggest increases - up 0.8 points. 
At the other end of the scale are the things that we have to work on: unclear workflows and processes, responsibilities and adherence to processes. As well as the clarity of the strategy or the inclusion of strategic goals in the agreed objectives.  

What concerns you the most?  
What concerns me is that employees (have to) ask management to draw consequences if targets are not met. We need to talk about this. And we will.  


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