Sticks. Holds. Stays. The FORTOBOND® motto News | 24.08.2023

Easy tool management 

S+P Samson has based its tool marking portfolio on two key points: the material to be marked and the influences to which the marking is exposed.

In order to achieve maximum performance in every case, 4 solutions have been created. Special adhesives for plastic and metal surfaces, and facestocks for standard cleaning processes and extreme conditions. 

The challenge for users is the size of the encoded data carrier. Such a label must be applied without wrinkles and without touching the adhesive side.
A tab as a grasping aid makes handling easier. 

With the "S+P Toolbox", parts of all kinds can be coded easily and reliably. The high print quality of the code and good contrast guarantee good reading results.

Reliable identification of parts is the basis for reliable tool management.


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