Innovations and creative ideas thrive on personal contact People | News | 16.02.2023

The topic of remote working has gained more supporters and acceptance since the Corona pandemic. However, there are also many who cannot or do not want to work remotely.

 The arguments in favour of working from home are obvious, and have advantages for the individual:

  • saving time and money by not having to travel to work
  • more focused work
  • the opportunity for more quality time with the family

But there are also other points of view. What is more and more noticeable are the effects of the reduced exchange among co-workers. There is less talk about personal things and everyday life on the job. There is a lack of social contacts to share worries, hardships, but also successes. And not least, the transfer of knowledge on a professional level is reduced.

S+P Samson is launching a programme to create incentives for more encounters. This ranges from relaxation exercises together at lunchtime to sociable meetings via a random generator. A playful approach to bring about more interaction. And it can also pave the way for new ideas and innovations.