High-tech application for passive transponders News | 30.05.2023

In a phase of 12 months, S+P Samson and Linxens, in close cooperation with one of the world's leading steel manufacturers, converted the labelling of wire rod from barcode marking to RFID technology.

The initial stages of development were the plausibility of the application in a metallic environment (coils/bundles), outdoor storage, for worldwide shipping, and the resistance of the identification in pickling baths.

Now, in a second development phase, the components have been adapted in such a way that both the tag and the electronic component (transponder) can withstand extreme temperature loads of up to 450 °C. This breakthrough makes it possible to use the label in a metallic environment (coils/bundles). With this breakthrough, it is possible to fully convert the product range of a rolling mill to RFID technology.

S+P Samson presents this new technology to a wider audience for the first time at METEC.