Maximum photovoltaic output News | 18.10.2023

Solar carport at S+P Samson

The energy transition is in full swing. Also at S+P Samson. 

The new roofing of the parking lot with a solar carport of 1,000 m2 is nearing completion. 

An ingenious solution that will cover 100% of the company's own electricity needs (approx. 800,000 kWh) in the summer months with the existing system.
Over the year, the degree of self-sufficiency will then be 50%. 

From year one of the new (and existing) plant, debt service and savings more or less balance each other out.
With an operating life of 20 years, the surplus is over 1 million euros. 

What benefits the environment is therefore also profitable - and ensures frost-free car windows in winter. For all employees. What more could you want?

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