Easy handling and cost saving News | 25.01.2023

Are you are looking for a product that is easier to handle and saves costs? Then we have something for you: our universally applicable GRAPHIPLAST® plastic labels with an adhesive patch on the back replace expensive and cumbersome plastic pouches with inserted paper labels. They can even be attached while wearing gloves.

The special surface coating on the labels ensures excellent toner adherence
and good readability for many years, even in adverse ambient conditions.

GRAPHIPLAST® labels with strong adhesive

and in the A5 format are ideal for printing using standard laser printers and also suitable for identification compliant with automotive standards, e.g. VDA. Thanks to the centre perforation and the adhesive patch they are truly multi-functional labels!
Attached to the sides of flat steel coils, directly to steel strapping or divided horizontally and attached to flat steel bundles, they ensure secure and reliable identification.

The key benefits:

+ adhesive plastic labels with excellent chemical, UV and weather resistance

+ simple and economical printing of large-format labels on standard laser printers, no expensive thermal transfer printers for special widths required

+ all-round adhesive for a wide range of applications with excellent adhesion to polar, non-polar, difficult and lightly soiled surfaces

+ very high initial tack on metal, plastics and films

+ can be attached while wearing gloves

+ horizontal perforation for multi-functional use