Delivery capacity and inventory levels in 2023 News | 20.12.2023

The focus on delivery capacity led to a significant increase in stock levels in 2023. Higher purchase prices also increased the value of goods and capital requirements. 

While the ability to deliver quickly has been an advantage in the past year, the high stock levels subsequently became a problem. A decline in incoming orders slowed the outflow and the S+P initiative "Restoring the 2019 price base" led to additional burdens due to changes in suppliers and materials. 

However, the changes are bearing fruit, and the projects are gradually being finalised.  

Another programme to reduce stock is the balancing of material outflow. The production quantities of stock items have been significantly reduced. This has resulted in a reduction in reorder levels and increased stock turnover. For customer enquiries, we will now increasingly manage the offers in such a way that large requirements are distributed across more production runs. 

This will guarantee our ability to deliver and reduce stock levels. 

Thanks in advance to everyone involved in achieving this important goal.