Construction site and tool management News | 17.01.2024

seele GmbH is a leading global supplier of high quality facades. Individual and sophisticated solutions using a wide range of materials are the expertise of seele GmbH.

Reliable construction site management is the basis for the efficient handling of projects at home and abroad. The allocation of components to construction sites with electronic recording using RFID technology was launched at the beginning of 2023. Following the positive experience with the project partners S+P Samson and Data Elektronik, the next step will be tool management based on data matrix coding.  

Database-supported tool management with allocation to projects, status management and maintenance is the second building block for the smooth running of construction sites. This requires the reliable, permanent labelling of tools with a code that uniquely identifies the part and is machine-readable.

A self-adhesive label pre-serialised with a 2D code from S+P is "married" to the corresponding data of the inventory part.  What was important for seele GmbH was the simple and reliable application on different surfaces and structures as well as the permanent readability, which also withstands cleaning processes. 

Characteristics for which the FORTOBOND® product range from S+P Samson - with 45 years of experience in labelling and specially developed for harsh environments - is ideal.

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