Climate targets - is CO2 neutrality possible? News | 30.08.2023

Climate targets at S+P Samson

What are the main factors in the CO2 balance for an industrial company like S+P Samson?

Energy efficiency
A manufacturing company with an administrative unit for a total of 100 employees needs energy.
The first step in the consideration is the CO2 emission from the operation of the buildings and machines. This is currently being modernised with an investment of about € 1.5 million - as expansion stage two - to such an extent that only electricity will used as a source of energy. From 2024, S+P Samson will produce around 50% of the total electricity requirement of 1 million KWh itself by increasing capacity and feeding around 400 KWh of solar electricity into the public grid.

In the second stage, the influencing factor of raw materials and the consumption of resources for the production of raw materials has been taken into account. By the end of 2024, a full assessment of the product portfolio in terms of resource use is planned. Subsequently, materials will be subject to an assessment that will include environmentally sound substitutes. The availability of recycled materials is still in its infancy, but will increase in the coming years. Only then will it be possible to significantly reduce the use of resources.

The third stage is the evaluation of a sustainable mobility concept. Since 2022, S+P Samson has been involved in a mobility concept in the A3 Assosiation at the county level, which has set itself the goal of reducing CO2 emissions in the transport sector. The components of the   promotion concept are: Switching to cycling, public transport and e-mobility - and what S+P Samson can do to make this attractive for employees. Here, one can already see clear successes after two years.

The question remains whether CO2 neutrality is feasible?
It can and must be achieved - with a consistent focus on this goal, without neglecting economic efficiency. It can only work if all those involved support it and play their part.

We are ready to assume our responsibility.


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