Cyber security - step by step News | People | 10.04.2024

Today, operational security essentially depends on the functional security of IT systems. S+P Samson has developed a step-by-step plan to increase protection against cybercrime. 

The first step is to select a service provider to guide you along the path to greater security. We chose Hornetsecurity - a leading provider of next-generation cloud-based security, compliance, backup and security awareness solutions that support businesses and organisations of all sizes around the world. Hornetsecurity's software products are now being gradually introduced and integrated into S+P Samson's processes

The second step is a plan to define measures together with the employees to create a new standard for the secure handling of data, both internally and externally. Awareness training, certified sending of e-mails and secure handling of documents must be defined in such a way that data security is guaranteed - without compromising day-to-day work.   

The third step is to coordinate with customers and business partners to implement the standards for data exchange. Only by coordinating with the recipients and senders of messages is it possible to raise inbound and outbound to a comparable level of security. This requires understanding and a common understanding of measures. For the common goal of making data exchange as secure as possible.

Employee at the PC at S+P Samson