Tags vs. protective sleeves Actualités | 28.05.2024

The innovative combination of paper and plastic is as simple as it is ingenious. 

Our GRAPHIPLAST® tags and labels combine the best features of both materials. They can be printed like conventional paper, but are waterproof and extremely robust. This eliminates the need for laminates and protective sleeves for permanent labelling.

With GRAPHIPLAST® tags and labels, the printing process is extremely simple:
the sheets are fed into the (laser) printer like normal paper and can be used immediately. The result is an indestructible receipt that requires no additional protective layer. This significantly reduces your costs and saves valuable time compared to traditional methods that require additional steps such as lamination.

From the first sheet to the last, our labels guarantee razor-sharp printing without the need for additional protection. This makes them the ideal solution for a wide range of applications where durability and resistance are required.

We offer samples of our GRAPHIPLAST® labels in various formats to show you the wide range of possible applications. These samples allow you to test the labels in your specific environment and find the optimum solution for your needs. What's more, our labels offer additional fixing features that further enhance the practical benefits.

Get ready to optimise your processes and take your product identification to the next level. Try GRAPHIPLAST® and experience the benefits of this ground-breaking technology for yourself.

Caisse grillagée avec étiquette à accrocher, fixée par clip
GRAPHIPLAST® replaces expensive protective sleeves
Exemple négatif : conteneur grillagé avec étiquette en papier dans une housse de protection
Protective sleeves are expensive and cumbersome to handle