SecuBond® innovative adhesive application Actualités | 07.06.2024

The S+P Samson product family has grown: With the new SecuBond® technology, the company is setting another milestone in the world of adhesive processing. SecuBond® stands for a revolutionary method of intermittent adhesive application that enables a wide range of applications and impresses with its flexibility and precision.

Flexibility and precision in application

SecuBond® offers the ability to freely define the adhesive application in both longitudinal and transverse directions. This makes it possible to produce functional parts with adhesive-free zones in a wide variety of geometries. This flexibility makes it possible to create customised solutions for a wide range of requirements. Whether as a simple gripping aid to facilitate the handling of labels or as a precisely positioned adhesive field that requires the highest precision, SecuBond® has a wide range of possible applications.

High efficiency and low waste

Another major advantage of SecuBond® is the high precision with which the system works. This precision minimises waste and ensures efficient use of materials. Less waste not only means lower costs, but also more environmentally friendly production.

Innovation for multiple industries

SecuBond® not only opens up new possibilities for label production. The technology's versatility and adaptability make it suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. Wherever precise and flexible adhesive application is required, SecuBond® can play to its strengths.

SecuBond® labels in the production machine
SecuBond® labels in the production machine