Investing in a green future Actualités | 20.07.2023

…that S+P Samson is investing double in a green future? Our two major construction projects in 2023 are entering the "hot" phase. And not just because of the current temperatures.

Our heating/cooling project already started at the end of 2022 when we stopped heating with gas. Existing equipment will continue to be used for heating. More extensive is the conversion of simple ventilation to air conditioning. Heat exchangers (water/water) will provide both heating and cooling for the building. Cold air is brought in through additional air ducts and textile air hoses. This creates better working conditions and uniform climatic conditions for the processing of sensitive products.   

The green energy project was launched in March 2021 with our rooftop photovoltaic system (343kWp), which since 2022 also feeds 10 electric charging points for our own car fleet as well as employees’ and  visitors’ vehicles.

This project is now being extended to include a 187kWp PV car park rooftop. This will be able to accommodate approximately 60 vehicles and will provide us with almost all of our electricity from our own solar power plant during peak periods (summer).

The work will be completed and the installations commissioned in Q4-2023.