Flag tags for high temperature marking Actualités | 28.02.2023

"Flag tags" have been established in steel labelling for years. They are used for heavy plates and coils, as the information would otherwise no longer be legible in the stack, if the labels do not protrude over the edge.

Flag tags are also ideal for RFID labelling, as the transponder protrudes far enough from the steel to be easily "readable". They combine the advantage of robust films and strong adhesives that guarantee reliable adhesion. It is crucial for the functionality that the protruding part is not sticky. Otherwise, the open adhesive surface will stick and tear off during repositioning.

The range of applications is now extended by a new S+P high-temperature solution up to 350 °C.

A particularly robust and heat-resistant film made of polyimide is combined with the tried-and-tested PA-130-201 acrylate adhesive in the production process, creating an adhesive flag. The adhesive layer's thickness of 130 g/m² is crucial for good adhesion. This is especially true for heavy plates, which are difficult to adhere to due to scale and dust. Another solution for marking early in the production process and thus helping to avoid mix-ups.