First experience in the export team Actualités | 13.02.2024

Steel industry Netherlands - interview with Mr. König

We asked Adrian König from our export team for an interview about his trip to the Netherlands:

Mr. König, last week you went on your first trip abroad for S+P Samson. What was your experience?
My first trip was to the Netherlands. The aim of the client meetings was to get a feel for the country and its people. Unfortunately, it’s getting more and more difficult to get appointments as many contacts work from home. The days in the office are already packed with appointments.

What were your impressions?
My time management was a challenge. Meetings took a little longer than usual. And it takes longer to get from A to B. RFID played a central role in the discussions. The focus is on automating logistics processes, which has to do with efficiency and error prevention.

What was the reaction of your contacts?
The contacts were a bit surprised that I was so young. At 28 that's relative from my point of view... It was positive that my contacts took the time to show me everything in detail. That's important for me in order to find a solution with the customer. It was also positive that you can communicate well in German or English. And the level, especially in English, is very high. That really impressed met.

What is your summary?
Apart from the technical discussions, my passion for cycling met with a positive response. Something the Dutch are passionate about - just like me.

Adrian König devant une machine de production