Emerging markets presence - Brazil Actualités | 02.04.2024

Mr Bäumler - sales director at S+P Samson - was once again a guest in Brazil and gives us an insight into his experiences and findings:

Mr. Bäumler, you spent the last two weeks in Brazil. What were your impressions?
Well, now that a rhythm of visits every 6 months has been established, the contacts are getting used to it. You get to know the country and the people and the relationships become more intense. But the expectation of advice and solutions is also growing. Which was the main theme this time.

In Germany, the industry is sceptical about the future. What is the Brazilian market developing?
Brazil is a country with resources. Companies are investing and the industry there is becoming an increasingly important supplier for the North American market as well as the global market. You can see it everywhere. Most of the technology is state of the art and they are investing in automation.

Where do you see the oportunities for S+P Samson? What have you focused on this time?
The market itself is not just attractive to us. There is a strong local industry - also for labels - and suppliers from the US are direct competitors. So you need solutions that are technically superior and better than the competition. This has been proven time and time again. A strong presence and technically superior products will keep you in the race. Recent tests have shown that S+P Samson can offer solutions that are technically superior. But that is only one component. Driving the application tests, keeping an eye on the economic aspect and convincing with the best product - this requires a streamlined process, even after the on-site appointments. A team effort involving many people - not least the customer. My thanks go to everyone involved.


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