Precision in perfection Actualités | 12.06.2024

Technical specifications for rotary die-cutting generally assume tolerances in the range of tenths of a millimetre. Influencing factors are web tension, raw material and tool accuracy. The bar is set higher for the production of stencils. Tolerances in the range of a few hundredths of a millimetre are required. 

A special S+P Samson PET-film is used as the raw material. The adjustment unit has twelve tensioning devices - a good basis for uniform web tension. A cutting cylinder eliminates tolerances in the cutting tool, and a special counter-pressure cylinder supports the function.  

What is missing is a measuring method with the necessary accuracy. The result is that when all the measurements have been taken, the die-cut parts are within tolerance. 

A major technical hurdle has been overcome!  

Employé de production avec cylindre de découpe